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Review Tiger Woods Pga Tour 09 Xbox 360 Game

Golf fans have been waiting for this update to the Xbox most famous gold d game with apprehension largely after the disappointing reception given to his predecessor. The 2008 version has failed to build the success of 2007 original, but PGA Tour 09 gets the series back to par. Among the new features is a mode of training where Tiger coach highlights aspects of the player game that could be improved by shooting in previous games and challenges.
15.10.08 10:37

David Beckham And Frank Lampard In Plea To England Boo Boys

Chelsea left-back Cole was jeered every time they touched the ball after his error with Kazakhstan in their goal thumping England World Cup qualifying victory. But the treatment of England fans by Cole took the shine off the victory, even if you leave Fabio Capello men on top of Group Six on Wednesday before traveling to Belarus. David Beckham missed last night for the defense of Ashley Cole after the England defender was the subject of the Wembley boo-boys.
15.10.08 10:37

Tiger Woods Vows To Keep Babys Sex Secret

Golf ace Tiger Wood has voted to maintain his secret babys gender. But he voted for the fight against his desire to discover the sex of her second son, after an agreement with his wife to keep a secret babys gender. The 32-year-old has revealed on its official website that he and his wife, model Elin Nordegren welcome their new addition in late winter. Wood admits that he is eager to know whether his one-year-old daughter Sam can expect a baby sister or brother, before New Year.
15.10.08 10:37


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